Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Postpartum Recovery

Lately I've been reading a lot about pregnancy, labor and postpartum. It got me to thinking that I'd write my own post about it! Just remember, no pregnancy is the same and I am by NO means an expert. :) I am writing about my experiences. And my hopes with my next baby.

   My first pregnancy went quite well. Maybe a little too well?.. So well in fact that my recovery was an absolute nightmare. Seriously. I feel like maybe Karma thought I needed a little visit. So many women go through morning sickness and other things and I had just didn't have any of it! The worst was probably the heart burn. Lucky eh?
   Everyone tells you how great and awesome pregnancy is. -And really it's a miracle!- But they don't tell you the ugly parts about it. Let me just say there are some seriously UGLY parts. Sure, you get the 'glow'. But it doesn't last. Especially after you give birth. You get that really cute baby bump, but what happens when you've given birth?
   When I was in labor I was literally asleep. When I'd stop pushing -took me THREE hours- I'd go to sleep and wake up when it was time to push again. When I was crowning that was when I got really scared. I asked the doctor if it would hurt if I were to rip. Nope. But apparently I had already. <---ugly right??
   Finally Wyatt made his arrival. I was in shock. In my head I was like "What the HELL just happened?!?!" (I am being completely serious) I was not crying or cooing my baby. I was silent. I was in shock!
   At the hospital where I delivered at they have you go into a postpartum room after giving birth. Well about an hour after having Wyatt it was time for me to move. But I couldn't! I had gotten an epidural and still couldn't feel anything down below. And yet, here all the nurses wanted me to move my ass so the next person could have my room. Umm hello?! The lower half of my body is numb and you want me to get from the bed to a wheelchair. Without help. Well you're so kind!
   When I was finally all settled in my new room I felt much more at ease. I had my darling baby with me and was able to rest without being bothered. Or so I thought. One of my biggest fears for the next birth of my child -and all future children in fact- is when the nurses come and press seemingly very hard on your stomach. I remember one of the nurses saying that she couldn't feel my uterus so I had another nurse come and 'massage' my stomach. Not. fun.
   Also, unless you want to be scared for life I highly suggest you don't ask for a mirror to see yourself down there. Never again will I do that.
   You know that pearly thrown? Aka the toilet. I don't know about any other moms but that was the scariest part for me. Who knew going to the bathroom could terrify someone SO much? Well the first time you go you are going to be assisted. When I went my nurse came in with me. I wasn't so shy because I just had a room full of people see my who ha. So what was going to the bathroom in front of the nurse?
   Well she filled a peri bottle and handed it to me. Ughhh what was I supposed to do with it? Well if you're at all sadistic then go ahead and wipe away! Seriously that peri bottle was my saving grace. You fill it with warm water and then squeeze the water on your nether regions...pretty huh?
   I felt like a hunch back for about a week. I couldn't for the life of me stand up straight. I had a lovely hunch going on. I had my first shower the next day. I was really grossed out by the bathroom floor and really didn't want to be barefoot let alone naked. Those flimsy curtains were terrible. I like to be warm when I take showers. Having a draft is not okay!
   When I was all showered and cleaned my parents stopped by. My cute mom combed my hair for me because I couldn't get the tangles out. My parents didn't stay long but they took plenty of pictures of Wyatt and loved on him. I especially loved seeing my dad hold him. He doesn't seem like the baby holding type. He actually scared most kids! Hahaha
   Okay fast forward to going home.

   Everything seemed to going fine. Except for the fact that I looked like I was still pregnant. (I was horrified by my tummy) I was still a hunch back. And I really was absolutely terrified to go to the bathroom. I remember very vividly crying on the potty (yes I use the word potty) because I needed to go but couldn't. I was in SO much pain. So much more than the contractions I had. With me pushing for three hours and bearing down for that long I had HORRIBLE...must I say it?... Hemorrhoids... My mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner (THANK YOU MOM) while Alex sat in the bathroom with me while I literally sobbed. I cried almost every time I had to go to the bathroom. That lasted a few weeks. :(
  I was exclusively nursing. Wyatt did so well! Some times we struggled. He would get so impatient and so upset that he couldn't latch. Then I would get upset. So we both usually ended up crying. Which didn't help anyone!
Have you ever experienced porn star boobies? -A boob job without the actual boob job.- I was exclusively breast feeding and my nursing pump hadn't been shipped yet. Well my milk came in no problem. But it didn't take long for my boobs to 'perk up'. I was constantly in the shower trying to relieve myself of the pain I was experiencing. I couldn't pump and Wyatt was eating everything that I was producing. Literally my boobs were hard as rocks. Ugh! Thank heavens when my pump finally came. I felt so much relief! And I could finally start pumping and storing my milk away!
   Have I scared you yet? This post really isn't meant to scare anyone. These are MY experiences. You might experience some of the same things but everyone is different. And trust me things do get better. :)
   If I could offer you any advice these are the things I would -and will- say. Before you leave the hospital take everything they offer you. And more! (seriously you paid for it, take it) They'll offer you pads, mesh undies, a waffle (unfortunately not the kind you eat. I used mine for my back and bum) a peri bottle, and a spray for down there. (the spray helps to take away some of the pain) Also Tucks pads. (stupid hemorrhoids)
   When you're home if someone offers you help take it! Whether it be by helping you clean the house a little or bringing you a meal. If someone offers you help take it. If you're nursing and are having a hard time with latch problems, call the lactation specialist. That's what she's there for. If you're having potty problems try to relax. Trust me crying doesn't help. The best thing you can do is to take a stool softener and try to relax when you finally do go. Don't force ANYTHING. That peri bottle? He's your new best friend. Use him. Also, order or go buy a breast pump before baby gets here. It was save your poor boobies a lot of pain!
   Alright, I think I've told enough about my body. But if I could leave you with just one more thing. It's taken me a while to learn this but self love is so important. You may not love or even like your body after having a baby. But you know what? It's worth it. I promise. Your body housed your baby. Your baby will never look at your body like it's flawed or ugly. Your baby sees you as perfect. I have many stretchmarks on my belly and sides. I have a few spider veins on my legs. My tummy is bigger and my skin is stretched. But I love my body. It carried my Wyatt and it's carrying my little Grayson. My body is my child's home.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sexy Love Weekend!

^^ That is what I have marked on my calender. Sexy Love Weekend. Which means it's our anniversary!!

   In a previous post I mentioned it being March Madness in the Littlewood household. The first week of March it seriously was. We had way too many things going on that week. Luckily now that that's done with everything has calmed down and is back to normal.
   So Wednesday March 5 was mine and Alex's second anniversary. Such an exciting time! We didn't really do anything because of it being a weekday and with our schedules being hectic. So that night we just hung out as usual. We did go to dinner at Sizzler though. That was nice. I had been craving their malibu chicken. Mmmm, I was very lucky to even go there. Alex hates Sizzler! cough*stinker*cough!
   So the next day Thursday, I found out one of Alex's surprises! He would be taking Friday off so we could start our little retreat early. I was so happy! And kind of shocked..Alex works a lot, so I didn't really think or even ask him to take time off. I'm so glad he did though. Seriously. I miss him! He maybe home but mentally I know he's kind of checked out. I have such a dedicated man!
   Alright, it's Friday. I'm up and ready to go!! I was sooooo excited!! I wanted to look extra special for Alex so I splurged and bought myself a sexy dress. (as sexy as you can get with maternity clothes anyways) And I scheduled an appointment at Sephora so I could get my makeup done. I was VERY pleased with the outcome. The lady did a wonderful job! I still looked like myself (as in I didn't have makeup caked on my face) but more sophisticated.
   When I got home my mom was already there. So Alex and I gathered our overnight bag, said a very long goodbye to Wyatt, and headed out. We headed first out to Salt Lake. We had a late lunch at the Joseph Smith building at The Garden. Which I highly recommend. :) After that we walked to City Creek to Cheesecake Factory. I of course had to have my cheesecake. Which was AMAZING as usual! From there we walked around for a while until we decided to go check in at our hotel.
   Okay, so originally we were going to stay in Salt Lake. While yes, we could afford it we decided we wanted to stay within a certain budget. So I found a hotel on Groupon! The pictures looked way nice and we got a sweet deal for a king suite. But. Looks can definitely can misleading.
   Ever heard of a stupid tax?? Cause I sure have!! And unfortunately this wasn't my first one. So...while I won't say what hotel we were supposed to stay at I will just say I will NEVER stay in Ogden. Ever. When we finally got the hotel I was seriously freaked out. The area was VERY questionable. And so was the hotel. (we got there after dark so the pictures I saw on Groupon were not even close) We checked in and headed to the elevator. Well we had to go up 8 flights. And honestly it was the shadiest elevator I have ever been on. Honestly I was terrified. Usually I'm the one who is jumping in the elevator to freak everyone out, yeah. Not. At. All.
   When we got into our room I flipped. I was scared and pissed. This was not what I had paid for. To be blunt it was shit. Just plain shit. Didnt' even sit down. Alex and I stayed maybe 10 minutes. I convinced him that I was scared enough that we couldn't stay there. So we headed back to Layton. Phew!! Never in my life have I ever been so grateful to go back to Layton. I was closer to home and Wyatt. And in an area I knew and was comfortable with. There we decided to go to the Hilton. SO much better!!! A world of a difference.
   Remember that word stupid tax? Yeah. I paid it. Over $100. I would do it again though. To get out of that dump we were in? Hell yes. (we couldn't get a refund because of the deal being from a third party) Okay! So we checked in, went to our room and laid on the bed. It was heaven! Alex and I have a queen size bed so laying in a king was amazing. We didn't touch each other. Once. Oh my gosh it was amazing!!!
   After we had rested enough we got into our swim suits and headed to the pool. While Alex swam I had my legs in the hot tub. What I wouldn't give to actually sit in it!! It felt so good.
   After swimming we decided to go out and get some snacks -we were going to go see a late movie but lately there doesn't seem to be any good movies!- so we went to walmart and got a few things. From there I kept asking and almost cried because I missed Wyatt SO much! I needed to go home to check on him. Finally Alex got sick of hearing me so he caved. haha :)
   It was almost 10 by the time we got home. Surprisingly both Mom and Wyatt were still awake! I was so happy! I got to hold, kiss and love on my baby. Until you have kids you won't know how good it feels to get away -even if it's just for a night- but miss your kid(s) SO bad!!! I was so conflicted! Alex and I definitely needed alone time but we both missed Wyatt. -I think I missed him more though lol- So while we were there we just went ahead and put him to bed ourselves then headed back to our hotel.
   What did we do when we got there? Absolutely nothing. We were so tired that within an hour we were both out asleep. But I tell you, the bed sucked!! I could not get comfortable. My back was sore and laying on my sides didn't help. It just wasn't a good nights rest. I was up at 6 in the morning. I didn't want to be alone so I woke up Alex. Of course he wasn't very happy with me but... -I didn't really care-
   After just relaxing, talking and watching tv we headed down stairs to the restaurant and got some breakfast. Afterwords we headed to the pool again. It was about eleven when we checked out and headed home. Sure did surprise my mom with how early we arrived! But Alex wanted to change the oil on the Jeep and get some house work done. So he was able to do that while my mom and I chatted and hung out with Wyatt.
   So that was pretty much our weekend. After my mom left we ran errands and just relaxed. Probably sounds amazingly boring but it was so nice. I really enjoyed myself. It was nice to have alone time with Alex.
   I don't think our next anniversary will be any better. As in I will be a big baby and be missing TWO children! Still surreal that I'm a Mommy and about to have another boy. I am SO excited!!
   So yes, moral of the story is if something looks or seems to be good to be true, it probably is. I know I learned my lesson!! Until next time :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Being a Misfit

So before I go into what is on my mind I wanted to give an update on what's going on in the Littlewood's lives. Last week after church Alex and I were invited to go to the gun show with a group of friends. I had never been before so I was especially excited. After church we all went home to change and get ready then headed out. Before we left Layton I of course got hungry so we stopped for food. I sat in the back with Wyatt so I could feed him. Holy. Hell. That kid is so naughty!!
Instead of an infant carrier he has a toddler size car seat. A lot bigger and less room in the back of the car. Well the little stink thought it was a riot to kick mommy in the boobs. Ha. I was getting so annoyed that eventually I made Alex pull over so I could go back upfront.
Anyways, we spent a good three hours there at the gun show. From there we went to Ikea. Oh. My. Gosh. I love that store. I found so many things I wanted to get! Wyatt was absolutely tired. Poor guy! But he did amazing. Seriously, I have no idea what I did to deserve such a great kid. :) So we spent another couple hours there looking around. It wasn't until we were standing in the check out line that I started having a ton of pressure down there. Once I started feeling that I went and sat down. But soon enough it was time to get back up.
After Ikea we headed back north. Before we went home we went to my best friends new house. How exciting for her and her family! They are in the process of building a home. I am SO excited for them!! They seriously deserve it. I was surprised by how much I actually loved the neighborhood! And their home looks BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see the finished product!
   When we finally got home I was so worn out. My feet were killing me! I immediately jumped in the bath. It helped relieve some of that pressure I had been experiencing and my feet felt a little better. But when it was time to go to bed that's when I really started feeling sick. Like body aches, that horrible pressure and tightening in my abdomen. Ugh.
I was trying desperately to remember exactly what labor pains felt like and what my doctor said I should look out for. Well I kept getting the pressure and the tightening in my abdomen was getting more and more intense. It was almost happening constantly. Well I finally woke Alex up and he held me while I almost started balling like a baby. It was almost 2 in the morning when I finally asked Alex to give me a blessing. After I received the comforting words I was able to fall asleep within a half hour.
    The next day I felt a big difference. I still wasn't feeling 100% but it'd take it over the night before. So I called my O.B.'s office and talked to a nurse to get advice and see what she thought what going on. She confirmed that it definitely sounded like contractions. She told me to try Tylenol, drinking lot's of water and staying off my feet. She also said that if I had more than 6 contractions in an hour to just go to labor and delivery.
    So the rest of the day I stayed off my feet as much as I could. Luckily Wyatt is such an easy going baby. I think he somehow understands when I'm not feeling good. And he know's that he needs to help mama as much as possible.
    Things were going okay but I started feeling the pressure down there again. I had to go to the store-and I was by myself- and the tightening in my abdomen was happening again. This time it was consistent with my walking. Crap. I wanted to hurry and get home but seriously? I had to sit. After things had calmed down I finally got back up and headed home. Now of course I didn't think to time my contractions but as soon as I got home and layed down the tightening started subsiding.
    Since then -a week now- I haven't experienced anymore contractions. No more tightening in my abdomen or anything. I still do get pressure down there but since I bought a belly band that has helped immensely.

   Alright!! Now back to the original post. Being a misfit. I read a blog post today (it's been going around on facebook) and realized that yeah I'm a misfit. A black sheep.
    I'm sure all of you know my story by now, getting pregnant out of wedlock, getting married then having a baby. A year later working towards the temple and reaching that goal of taking Wyatt to be sealed to us.
    Although no one said anything to my face I did feel like I was being silently judged. Being in Utah and not doing the norm. Being sexually active before I was married. You know what? Those who silently judge others can stick it. Why? I may have done things out of order but it worked for my husband and I. We don't owe anyone an explanation. Those actions made me grow up. Finally stop acting like a child and be an adult. A kid can't raise a kid. It's just not going to work.
   This past weekend Alex and I celebrated our second anniversary. It's been a tough two years but I wouldn't trade any of it. I love Alex more than life. I love Wyatt and Grayson. We have an amazing little family. I can't wait to see what The Lord has in store for us. I feel I have so much to offer. I want to share my story, my strength, my love and understanding to those who are going through the same or similar experience. I want to help people. I want them to know that they are loved and that just because they didn't do things in a 'proper' order doesn't mean that they have any less worth. They can overcome the struggles and trials.
   Simply, I want to inspire people. I want everyone to realize that we are all loved. It doesn't matter if we are the misfits or black sheep. We are just as equally amazing and loved as the rest of the world. :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Let's Catch Up

I feel so dumb. I have been trying to blog for two weeks without success. All because I couldn't figure out why the icon to sign in wouldn't show up. Two weeks. I finally asked Alex and less than two minutes later.. wala! 
   Alright so right now I am 21 weeks 2 days. Finally past the halfway point. Finally! This pregnancy has not been great. It has just straight up sucked. I've heard a lot of women say that every pregnancy/labor is different. I don't know about the labor part yet but this second pregnancy has been a world of a difference. And not in a good way. 
   While I haven't struggled with morning sickness I've had night sickness. Which I feel is worse. Because it's a night and obviously I should be sleeping. But the nausea sets in, heartburn and the occasional cramps/tummy pain. I have not had a normal sleep schedule for well over a month now. I am seriously up ALL NIGHT long. No matter what I do I just can't fall asleep. And when I take a sleeping pill to help I end up feeling so guilty that I can't sleep. Good Lord please help me!
   So along with the night sickness there's the no sleep that goes on. Although the house get's cleaned in that time it's not worth it. So do any mamas have any advice or suggestions to help? I'm going through the nesting period WAY too soon. 
   During this pregnancy I've learned that I have a chemical imbalance and have been put on an antidepressant. Ummm what? Chemical imbalance? Me? That would explain why my sanity has been lost at times and the terrible feelings/thoughts that I get. 
   Whether or not you're pregnant depression is a serious thing. It is an illness and one that should be addressed more. If you ever have thoughts of suicide, hurting yourself or loved ones I encourage you to talk to someone. Let someone know immediately what is going on. It might just save a life. Having dealt with depression years ago I knew I couldn't afford to not get help. Having Wyatt and now Grayson I knew I needed to take care of myself.
   Sometimes I just have to put Wyatt in his crib and walk away. And that's okay. My sanity needs to come first in order for me to properly care for my children, my husband and myself. I do have to say I've noticed a difference with the medication. Alex has noticed a difference and I'm sure Wyatt has too. I still have my bad days but the good seem to outweigh them lately. 
   I'm grateful that I am able to get myself out of bed. For two weeks I stayed in bed. Didn't get out, didn't go anywhere, didn't take care of myself. Thank God for Alex. He cared for Wyatt -and myself- while I was 'out'. During that time I noticed a difference in my weight, skin color and overall being. I was clearly not well. 
   I can't say how grateful I am for my family, friends and ward family. The constant love was definitely felt. The other day one of the achievement day leaders (that's my calling in church, be jealous!) brought over some meals. Seriously? I just can't get over the love and generosity I felt. I am SO grateful for that act of kindness she showed me. It probably wasn't a big deal to her but to me it meant so much!
Blah. I'm running literally on two hours of sleep right now. I barely woke up in time to get my butt to church this morning! Like twenty minutes before it started. Ugh. I tried going to bed three hours ago but I just couldn't. Have you ever been so tired that you can't fall asleep? That's me. I went to bed at 8 Alex came in at 9 and yeah. Still awake. I layed there for an hour. Hadn't touched my phone or laptop. I just can't get my brain to shut off. :( HELP!! I NEED my sleep!
   This week is freaking March Madness. Literally. Instead of events being throughout the month the majority is happening this week. Every. Freaking. Day. 
   BUT! I am SOOO excited for Wednesday and this weekend. It is mine and Alex's two year anniversary!! WHOO! It has been a crazy/hellish/awesome two years. I can't believe I get to spend eternity with Alex. He's my very best friend. He's given my two of the greatest gifts ever. Wyatt and now Grayson. <3  Added point; the awesome thing about having kids early is that by the time we're done we're still young! 
I seriously said to a friend of mine that by the time I'm 25 I may have knocked out all the kids! When Wyatt is 20 I'll be 40. I can definitely live with that. And while going to school maybe (will be) harder for me it is definitely still possible. I can still go for my dreams while being a wife and mother. :) 

Alright, I've got a long week ahead of me. I've gotta TRY to get some sleep. Until next time friends! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Late Night Thoughts

So tonight I've been going through some of Wyatt's baby pictures. I sure do miss my little squish! Looking at these pictures makes me think back to when I found out I was pregnant. Such a scary time for both Alex and I.

I don't think many people know this but Alex and I talked about adoption. Getting pregnant so soon was not in our cards. We never thought that would happen to us. Surprised was not even what we were. Shocked. terrified. Speechless.

When I look at pictures of Wyatt I can't help but think 'what if?' What if we went through with the adoption? If I were to see him out on the street would I recognize him? Would I have the natural bond or pull? I honestly have no idea. And I'm glad I don't know. I hate thinking it.

Getting pregnant so fast and so young. There are many who will understand this. There are many who won't and will never. Luckily I have great friends who loved, helped and supported me through out that time. I was lucky to have a man step up and take responsibility. And a wonderful family. Even though they didn't agree with what was happening -and it took some time to get used to the idea- they stuck by me.

So next month is mine and Alex's two year anniversary! Holy cow!! Crazy how fast time goes by. It's been the best two years I could have ever asked for! Getting the man of my dreams, the sweetest babe, strengthening my testimony, making my goal of going to the temple, finding out we're expanding our family! Just so many wonderful things with many more great memories to be had. :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Big Reveal

So this past week I had my prenatal appointment. For some reason everytime I go to see my doctor I get nervous. I'm always afraid that they'll find something wrong with my baby. Especially since I had gotten I had gotten sick and still haven't completely gotten over it.
So once Alex and I arrived I checked in at the desk and went to the back to go to the bathroom, get weighed in and have my blood pressure checked. After that I went back out front and waited with Alex until our doctor was ready to see me. He was running behind on all his appointments that day so we seemed to wait -what seemed to me- forever.
When we were called back surprisingly we didn't have to wait for him to come see us. So as normal he asked me the standard questions. How was I feeling, has anything changed since my last appointment, etc etc.
I finally got on the bed and lifted up my shirt. I was so excited! I love hearing my baby's heartbeat and seeing him. It's always reassuring! So first my doctor measured his head. From there we found out I am a few days further than thought! I thought I was 13 weeks and 4 days but turns out I had already come up on 14 weeks! Whoo!!
After looking at the heart and spine my doctor started heading down towards the butt, that's when Alex and I looked away. I told him that if he could tell what the gender was we didn't want to know. He was kind of surprised but did as we asked. After he was done he left to go write the results down. When he came back he handed us a sealed envelope.
Okay fast forward to Sunday. That was the day we were having our gender reveal party! All of our friends and family were coming over to my home to find out what Alex and I were having. My best friend Cassie threw a beautiful party! Seriously. I loved everything about it. (besides the fact my front room couldn't hold everyone comfortably) She really brought mine and Alex's personalities into the decorations and food. I'm so grateful to have a friend who really knows me and puts her all into something that was important to both Alex and I. :) Love you Cassie!!
Okay so while most of the adults were upstairs in the front room chatting, the kids were in the kitchen eating and us cool people were downstairs watching the football game. Go Broncos! ;)
Finally it was time to gather everyone upstairs so we could cut the cake. I was getting so nervous! (for a split second I didn't want to cut the cake! I wasn't ready to find out!) So we first cut into the cake I still couldn't tell. When we cut into it again and pulled the knife out I caught a glimpse of the color! I screamed! I was SO excited! A BOY!!! Haha I'm more than sure I was the happiest one in the room. Everyone else (including Alex) wanted a girl. Me? I wanted a boy :) Of course my main priority is that the baby is healthy!!
Wyatt had no idea what the heck was going on. Haha that boy. He cracks me up!! I love him. I'm going to absolutely miss it just being him and me during the day. I know this sweet little addition will be welcomed warmly...maybe not by Wyatt..haha he doesn't think much of it so far.

Best. Straws. Ever! So cute!

Beautiful cupcakes!
Some of the party people!

My dad is so funny! *note my sarcasm*

Don't mind my asian eyes. I was crying :)

Getting excited! What is it?!?!

He doesn't understand what's going on but he's happy still.

Wyatt was tired. What a cutie. I love him!

We are great at cutting cake.

I caught a glimpse of the color!!

So those are some of the pictures that were taken. If you know me I love pictures but am terrible at taking them! I'm glad I at least have some to remember this special moment. <3

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Having Peace and Happiness

Ever since I found out I have been waiting to write this post! I just can't believe it! Ever since my miscarriage I really haven't been myself. Losing something so precious to me really shook me to my core. And although I will always remember those feelings right now I am reeling in the news. I am somewhat at peace. I am happy. Right after my miscarriage I was truly blessed with another miracle. I can't even tell you how surprised I was to find out the news. I didn't understand how I could get pregnant again so fast!
I took a Clear Blue pregnancy test. The new one that gives you weeks estimated. I was SO surprised by what I saw on that little screen. 3+ weeks. And on the paper that comes in the box it said that the doctor would probably put you at at least 5 weeks.
When I called my doctor to make an appointment I had to wait little over a month. Holy crap. My doctor is popular! Alex and I went in today and I was surprised. There were two babies!!...Haha no. Just kidding. Phew! I have no idea how I'd handle being pregnant with two little ones! No, but really I was just surprised at far along I am. 9 weeks and 1 day. I cried practically the entire time in the doctors office. I am so happy!! It was such a huge relief to me to hear the babies heart beat. I can't tell you how scared I was. That miscarriage really put some bad thoughts into my head. And although I am still worried I know that my baby is okay and healthy. And I will do anything to keep it that way.
So my appointment next month, we might be able to see what the sex is!! Exciting!! I will keep this blog updated as much as I can!

I will have to post another picture with Wyatt. Poor little guy was absolutely exhausted and wouldn't sit still for a picture together. 

My little peanut! The picture is sideways but you can see the little legs are starting to form. As well as the arms but they aren't so clear here. Love this little one already!